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Mister John Ludwick Jr. of Meredith, New Hampshire, is an artist, fabricator and car enthusiast. He has owned and customized rides which have defined his automotive visions and lifestyle.

A couple of his signature vehicles include a 1989 VW Fox Wagon on Chevy Vega wheels, which won the Wolfsgart car limbo competition in 2010, and was featured in Eurotuner Magazine in November 2011. His classy 1959 Mercedes 220SB Fintail, will be featured this summer in Mercedes Enthusiast Magazine. John built the switch box for air suspension using a 1942 Argus camera to hide all the air bag controls, which sits in the center console. He also used a piece of vintage luggage to hold the air compressor and tank within the rear trunk. All of these special features hide the modern technology and keep it period correct.

His latest creation, a 1965 Corvair, has been turning heads in both the domestic and foreign car scene this spring. John was lucky enough to grow up with a father (John Ludwick Sr.) who is also a gear head. His father’s good friend, Ted Trevor of Crown, (designer of the Crown mid-engine small block v8 swap kit), helped to spark John’s interest in Corvairs at a young age. The first Crown mid-engine v8 Corvair Ted built is still in Meredith, NH today.

In November 2013, John came across an ad for the 1965 Corvair 4 spd in the local listings. The car had 40k miles and had been sitting on pavement since 1973. John made the 1.5 hour trip to discover a fairly solid, but non-running Corvair. It was pretty rough, but he quickly realized it was still a good candidate for his next vision. John brought the car back to his shop where he and his father began surgery on the ole’ girl.

John wanted to keep an OEM look, while making it sleeker and more balanced. John also fell in love with the unique patina from years of weather beating down on her. John’s goal was to finish this Corvair and drive down to Southern Worthesee (SOWO) 2014, a car show in Helen, Georgia.  Some features include a 2 inch chopped top, an aviation themed interior, custom toggle switches for air bag suspension, custom glass for the chopped roof, custom dash gauges and switches, rolling on Cragar SS Wheels and much more!

From November 2013 to April 2014, John went to town on the Corvair and finished another signature vehicle. His goal looked promising and drove the 1200 mile trip down to Helen, Georgia for SOWO.

Please check out the complete Corvair build at the website.

Also check out more photos on website and Facebook page.

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